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Public Health and Planning

The built and natural environment are key determinants of health and wellbeing. Planning policy, and its implementation, plays a crucial role in shaping these environments and making sure that the places in which we live, work and play are ‘healthy places’.

Planning can positively influence our health and wellbeing in a range of ways including:

  • enabling physical activity through walking and cycling
  • creating neighbourhoods that support social interaction and reduce loneliness
  • providing access to high quality greenspaces for enjoyment, relaxation and contact with nature
  • providing good quality, affordable homes
  • providing access to health food

How does Public Health Dorset work with the planning system?

Public Health Dorset works with local planning authorities to support them to incorporate measures to promote health and wellbeing into planning policy and decision making.

We aren’t a statutory consultee and we can’t engage with every application so we focus on planning issues or applications that are of a scale or type that could impact on population health and wellbeing.

Resources for the Local Planning Authorities

Local Planning Authorities who would like input from Public Health Dorset on a planning matter can contact us at

Planning resources for the health professionals

National and Local planning policy

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