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5 great ways to improve your weekend with your kids

The summer holidays are now entering the late stage. This is normally the time when boredom starts to set in. But don’t let these late weeks become a grind and a countdown to going back to school. Charlotte Fuge has some tips to keep you and your kids happy and healthy. 

Chrild playing in the sand

Child’s play: summer is a great time for kids to enjoy their surroundings.

By Charlotte Fuge

1. Beat the holiday boredom

Now that the school holidays are in full swing, many you may have made plans for family activities, or be starting to run out of ideas. After a few weeks off school, children can become bored and irritable. Taking some influences from the theory of love bombing, you can take a step back and let your child plan something for you to do together. This gives them the freedom and a safe space to open up to you if they need to. It’s important to keep your mental wellbeing in check. But it’s also important teach the importance of feeling well and happy. Give your kids opportunities to connect with the important people in their lives.

2. Get crafty

Sales in crafting kits for children are on the increase. These are great for spending quality time together, teaching new skills and beating boredom. Find a project that you and your children can do together and teach you both a new skill. Or you can pass on something you’ve learned.

3. Enjoy it while it lasts

Get out and about while you have the chance. Once school starts, it may be more difficult to find time to visit the local park, take the bikes out for a ride or spend the day exploring. While the weather is warm, you could try some water based activities – perhaps a good old fashioned water fight in the garden!

4. Introduce their world

It can be difficult to get children to sit and appreciate their surroundings. Being lucky enough to live so close to the coast, you can pop down to your favourite beach spot or venture somewhere new. Draw a large ‘canvas’ in the sand and recreate the scenery using things you can find from the beach. Use this time to talk with them about what they see: colours, textures, and changes as the light moves. Ask them to close their eyes and tell you what they can hear. This all helps them to build an understanding of the world around them and the power of their own senses.

5. Start volunteering early

By introducing you child to volunteering at a young age, they will be more likely to give their time as adults. The Great Dorset Beach Clean isn’t until April, but you can litter pick throughout the year. You can choose a place where your kids spend a lot of time, such as a local park.

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