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5 small changes you can make to improve your wellbeing

Improving your mental wellbeing doesn’t have to be done with big upheaval and grand gestures. You can make small changes to set you on the road to good mental wellbeing. Charlotte Fuge explains more.

Man walking up stairs making small changes to lifestyle

Climbing up: small changes such as using the stairs can help boost your wellbeing

By Charlotte Fuge

1. Everybody needs good neighbours

How good is your relationship with your neighbours? You may be good friends, or you may give a passing ‘hello’ on the way in with your shopping. If it is the latter, take a few moments to connect with them. If you’re struggling to find something to talk about, there is always the weather.

2. Small changes, big gains

There are small changes you can make to get active. Most of them you will have heard before, but maybe it is time to take up the challenge. You can take the stairs instead of the lift. As little as eight flights of stairs a day can benefit your health. You may struggle at first but if you keep at it you will see a change. It will become easier and you’ll be able to climb more stairs in one go. Stair climbing is a vigorous activity and burns a lot of calories. If you are already active, add a step climbing activity to your workout. Most gyms have ‘stair masters’ or you could find some locally. Running up the steps from Durdle Dor would surely challenge even the fittest of people!

3. Recognise your daily successes

You don’t have to do something great and grand each day to be able to realise what you’ve achieved. While you’re brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil, run through the day and take note of what you did well. It may have been completing a task you have been dreading. Or remembering to take your lunch to work after a week of forgetting.

You’re not rewarding yourself for completing daily tasks. You are bringing in more positivity into your life for yourself and for your mental wellbeing. Positive thinking helps to manage stress as well as improving your health.

4. Mix things up

You can learn by experiencing, and making small changes can open up new experiences. Try changing the radio station for the drive home and expose yourself to different music styles. You can download a short podcast or a TED talk. Ask a colleague or a friend for recommendations so you can discuss it afterwards. You never know, you might find something fascinating.

5. ‘I never get tired of hearing compliments’ – Jon Lithgow

Giving a genuine compliment to someone can boost their mental wellbeing and put them in a positive mood. If you feel someone deserves praise for their efforts or you admire them, let them know. There is a skill to delivering a compliment without the person feeling awkward. Try focusing on their character, their actions or their choices rather than more personal traits, such as appearance. Most importantly, make sure it’s a honest compliment.

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