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Alcohol Awareness Week - REACH services

For Alcohol Awareness Week (15-21st November) we have partnered up with EDP REACH to raise awareness of how alcohol can impact on people and their relationships.

EDP REACH is a free, friendly and confidential drug and alcohol recovery service for people in Dorset. If you know someone or you yourself think you have a problem or want information about alcohol or drugs, REACH can help. So far this year REACH has helped 338 people with alcohol related problems and they have also supported many families to help a loved one into and through recovery.
Alcohol is a depressant and it can alter the chemical balance in your brain. Drinking heavily and regularly can be associated with symptoms of depression.
Andy’s story may be familiar to some. He had a good job, a family, a nice home, but he used alcohol to mask problems. Instead of making them better, it caused him mounting problems until he realized one day that alcohol was taking control of him and that he was ‘sinking into a mental hole’. “It’s no overstatement to say that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for REACH and the peers that I have interacted with since I started”.
One in ten people in the UK suffer with depression in any year and the mental health impacts can cause great strains on relationships. The pandemic has added pressure to so many households causing a significant increase in the number of people approaching services such as REACH for advice, information, and treatment. REACH has worked hard to make sure that there is support on hand whatever people’s queries and concerns, with calls handled in complete confidence.

REACH staff know that making contact can be nerve-wracking and they aim to put people at ease. They also have clinical staff who work with them to make sure people are kept safe. There is a blended approach to treatment involving digital and face to face one-to-ones and groups to enable people to carry on with daily life whilst making positive steps forward.

If you or someone you know and care about needs help, advice and support with their drinking or with drug taking, REACH will help. Call in confidence and for free on 0800 043 4656.

Katie Pavelin

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