EHC Patient Group Directions (PGD) training resources July 2018 - Public Health Dorset


EHC Patient Group Directions (PGD) training resources July 2018

Latest information and resources for pharmacists providing EHC under the Public Health Dorset PGD

Pharmacy training events for updates to the Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) PGD have been held in July 2018 at Athelhampton House and Merley House. If pharmacists were unable to attend this face to face training, they should view the presentation videos, PowerPoint slides and additional supporting documents before operating under the new PGDs. These can be found on the Provider Resources page of the Public Health Dorset website at the bottom  of the “Resources for Providers” section.

At the end of July 2018, on the Provider Resources page, you will also find the latest version of the ellaOne and Levonelle PGDs. These documents will replace any previous versions and should be referred to during future pharmacist EHC practice. Pharmacists will be notified through PharmOutcomes and via email when the new PGDs should be used.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide clarity around eligibility for offering free EHC to women. This is an open access service to all women irrespective of where they live. Women do not need to be registered with a UK GP to access EHC free of charge. Details of the inclusion and exclusion criteria can be found in the PGDs.

Public Health Dorset would like to thank Dr Alison Vaughan, Jo Goodman, Jane Cromarty and Claire Woollard for their input and support in the planning and delivery of these training events.

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