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New online tool empowering Dorset to get healthy

New online tool empowering Dorset to get healthy

By Matt Fisher


LiveWell Dorset is placing personalised healthy living advice at the fingertips of the county.

My LiveWell is a new online tool with tailored tips to help adults in Dorset get healthy. Leading Public Health Dorset’s Prevention at Scale programme; LiveWell Dorset helps you make lifestyle changes that keep you healthier for longer.

Stuart Burley, Public Health Dorset Head of Programmes said:
“The health of the nation is at a critical point. We know that 70 per cent of adults have two or more unhealthy habits. We want to change that in Dorset.

“LiveWell Dorset can improve people’s health and wellbeing on a large scale. We’ve helped over 20,000 people take steps to get healthy to date and plan to support many more thousands in the future.”

Swapping unhealthy habits with healthy ones is tough, particularly when we don’t track our progress. After completing a short lifestyle assessment, you will create your own healthy living profile. My LiveWell finds solutions to healthy living barriers and enables you to record your steps to success.

Ivan, from Dorchester said:
“A year ago, I was at desperation point when I had to buy 42-inch waist suit trousers.”

“I drank too much alcohol and had unhealthy eating habits. LiveWell helped me to explore my options and offered me a three-month kick start at a weight loss program. I’ve lost just over three stone.”

Through My LiveWell, LiveWell Dorset turns this vision into reality. Every adult in the county can benefit from free healthy living advice and coaching.

Stuart adds:
“I’d encourage anyone thinking about making a lifestyle change to join My LiveWell.”

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