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What's your relationship like with alcohol?

Do you drink a lot?  Just occasionally?  Not at all?

Whatever your drinking habits it can be hard to avoid alcohol.

I don’t just mean that it’s easy to get hold of and widely advertised, or even that some people feel under pressure to drink.  What I mean is that, in one way or another, we all have some kind of relationship with alcohol.

Maybe it’s fun for you, or maybe you see it as something dangerous.  This relationship you have with alcohol can affect your own – and other people’s – drinking, even if you’re just indifferent to it.

One way some people reflect on their drinking is to think of alcohol as a friend or partner.  Are they fun?  Do they take more than they give in the relationship?  Is it time you considered breaking up with them?

CJ Flood, an author, has written about her experiences with alcohol in a moving and powerful piece called “How I Fell out of Love with Alcohol”.  I encourage you to read it and think whether there’s anything in your own relationship with alcohol that might be worth rethinking,

You can connect with Chelsey on Twitter and read her reflections on alcohol and life in general on Medium or her website.

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