Resilience Frontiers: Day 4 — Group Moonshot - Public Health Dorset


Resilience Frontiers: Day 4 — Group Moonshot

Resilience Frontiers: Day 4 — Group Moonshot

We had an incredibly long day today or so it seemed. Group work is exhausting, but satisfying when the discussions are interesting and complex.

We followed the same process for making a Moonshot as we did on Day 2 — see previous blog.

Challenge: How can we as global citizens help to ensure good health and well-being for all in a world that reconnects people with nature in 2030?

Semantic Analysis of our key term “Health and Well-being”. Silent brainstorming (6 min per round x 2 rounds) — how do we recognize a good idea? This generated lots of discussion. It ‘seems obvious’ at once — was a quick response from many of us or “when you hear it you can’t believe that no one has found it yet”! It seems we often have an emotional response to an idea that resonates with us, followed sometime later by some sort of cognitive evaluation.

After considerable discussion in the late afternoon, we were instructed to make a 3 min video to capture our ‘moonshot idea’, below. Followed by the 3 min video itself… enjoy!

This futures blog

This blog is about how we create ‘healthy places’ and what our possible ‘futures’ could be given current trends and momentum within society, the economic and political systems, and the environment. I use the plural ‘futures’ intentionally, because our future is not pre-determined (I hope), we can and should work towards the future we want. This blog aims to generate discussion (maybe even some debate) around ‘Healthy places futures’ in the hope that if we all put our minds to it, a collective vision may emerge, which would inform any strategy we might put in place to get us to our preferred future. We’ll be leaning on heavily on futuring tools found on our Shaping Tomorrow hosted website:

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed (William Gibson 1993).

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