Giving residents a helping hand

Giving residents a helping hand

Residents in Bournemouth can benefit from free, fresh food thanks to the Community Fridge project in Townsend.

Sustainable Food City Partnership and Public Health Dorset have teamed up with the Townsend Community Association to become a member of the Community Fridge Network.

The Townsend Community Fridge is one of many fridges popping up to help reduce food waste in communities.

The fridge is open to everyone in the local area to take from or donate to. It could be donating leftover milk before a holiday, or a bunch of bananas in danger of over ripening, the idea is to share resources.

Bournemouth Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Cllr Jane Kelly said:

“The main aim of the Community Fridge is to reduce food waste, but we also want to help people facing hardship have easy access to fresh, nutritious food.

“What’s lovely about this initiative is that it’s about residents helping other residents.”

Every year UK households throw away 4.2million tonnes of edible food, an average of six meals every week. This means the average UK family wastes around £700 worth of food every year.

Public Health Dorset’s locality link worker Dr Sarah Webb said:

“At least 4 million people across the UK live in food poverty and can’t afford a healthy diet.

“Not eating well or having limited access to the food needed for a balanced diet is one of the biggest risk factors for preventable ill health in England.

“Initiatives such as the community fridge are really important. That’s why we’re pleased to be supporting the Sustainable Food City Partnership with the development of fridges across Dorset.”

If you want to volunteer at a Community Fridge or think a fridge would be good in your area contact the Sustainable Food City Partnership at


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