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Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes is an important health condition because of its impact on quality of life (including blindness and leg amputation), and because it is a precursor of cardiovascular disease, one of the largest causes of preventable mortality. Diabetes is being driven by both the increasing rate of obesity and an aging population.

In addition to direct suffering diabetes brings to the population, it also drives a number of other health outcomes including:

  • CVD rates
  • amputations
  • dialysis time

Diabetes Type II is largely preventable with the following risk factors:

  • poor diet
  • physical inactivity leading to obesity
  • high blood sugar levels

Key statistics

Indicators of Diabetes outcomes for our region have been drawn from Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) (Top Table) and Diabetes Profile (Lower Table). *indicates a statistically significant difference from the respective English Average.

Diabetes Type 2 - Public Health Outcomes Framework Indicators
PHOF Indicators  BCP Dorset South West England
Recorded diabetes (% on GP register, aged 17+) 6.4* 7.4* 6.9 7.1
Preventable Mortality (rate per 100,000) 170.5* 149.2* 167.2* 180.8
Recorded Chronic Kidney Disease, 18+ years (%) 6.1* 6.3* 5 4
Preventable sight loss (rate per 100,000) -- 1.5 3.5 2.9
Diabetes Profile Indicators
Diabetes Profile Indicators Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) England 
Major diabetic lower-limb amputations (rate per 10,000) 7.1 7.8
Minor diabetic lower-limb amputations (rate per 10,000) 14.3* 20.1

 Source: QOF, PHOF and PHE Diabetes Profiles 2016-19 (assessed 08/12/2021)

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