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Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVC)

Traffic accidents are a major cause of preventable deaths, particularly for younger age groups, and the majority of collisions can be avoided through improved education and awareness, road infrastructure and vehicle safety. It is important that our roads are safe, especially given national focus to increase physical activity and active travel rates.

Compared to the England average, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole has a better KSI rate, but Dorset are higher. KSI rates for children under 16 years are better both in BCP and Dorset. In the period 2016 – 2018 there were 1,033 people killed or seriously injured across the pan-Dorset area, with 58% taking place on Dorset roads.

Key Statistics

Motor vehicle crash impact indicators are drawn from the Public Health Outcome Framework and Health Profiles (PHE). * indicates a statistically significant difference from the respective English Average.

Motor vehicle crashes statistics
Indicator BCP  Dorset South West  England
Killed or seriously injured (rate per 100,000) 36.4*  53.4*  39.8* 42.6
Children killed or seriously injured (rate per 100,000 <16) 14.4  15.6  12* 17.7

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