Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Dorset Integrated Care System

Our Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been formalised into one of the ‘first wave’ of new Integrated Care Systems (ICS), that we call ‘Our Dorset’, with an agreed mandate for all organisations in our system to work together to manage population health.

More than ever, we need (1) System Insights to better develop a shared-understanding of the ‘bigger picture’, (2) People Insights to hear from our public facing workforce in order for us to collaboratively understand how ‘our system’ is functioning and (3) Close Key Knowledge Gaps to quantify, where it is useful to do so, gaps that we need to close. Taken together, these three elements of our JSNA will facilitate:

Joint working to ensure we deliver an integrated care system for the Dorset population.

Strategic vision that increases our shared-understanding of the ‘big picture’ and knowledge at the ‘coal face’.

Needs Assessment focusing on answering questions raised by system and people insights so that we can close key knowledge gaps across the system in a way that best serves to support decision-making.

1. System Insights

Effecting change doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Our approach to the Dorset JSNA is an attempt to develop a more complete view of the challenges and opportunities for effecting improvements to population health.

Our system challenges are more like ‘clouds’ than ‘clocks’. In other words, they can be hard to define and communicate and they are rarely predictable in how they unfold over time. We recognise this and seek to develop a better shared-understanding of what we are trying to achieve as a system.

System Challenges

2. People Insights

Developing ‘people insights’ means building a credible qualitative evidence-base from the knowledge and beliefs of public facing colleagues across the Dorset Integrated Care System.

Using a interviewing method known as ‘saturation interviewing’, we will be talking to our colleagues to better understand what it is they do, what change they are trying to effect, what they see as their challenges, barriers, opportunities and their views on what needs to change to ensure that our system is able to to deliver great results in the future.

People Insights

  • Pilot Interviews

3. Closing Key Knowledge Gaps

We can either throw up our hands in frustration and what may seem to be overwhelming levels of complexity, or we can look at providing a more nuanced evidence-base.

Look back here later for our growing JSNA evidence-base resulting from our two process approach to JSNA in Dorset.

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