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Across many communities smoking is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Thousands of people have successfully given up smoking, and moved on to a healthier future. The younger you quit, the greater the benefit, but stopping smoking is beneficial at any age.

To get free help to quit smoking, contact LiveWell Dorset on 0800 8401628 or visit LiveWell Dorset's stop smoking site.

Or, for more information on smoking and quitting, here are 10 self-help tips to stop smoking and you can visit the NHS Smoke Free website.  For the latest guidance from the Department of Health (August 2017) visit Smoking and tobacco: applying All Our Health.

If you are pregnant, speak to your midwife about wanting to quit, as they will be able to give you immediate support. Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve your baby’s health, growth and development. You can find helpful advice from the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge group around smoking in pregnancy.

The use of e-cigarettes

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