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Key documents for service delivery

NHS Health Checks reporting to Public Health Dorset

  • providers using SystmOne (including via the Ardens templates) are required to submit activity data using the Public Health Dorset SystmOne template (found on SystmOne, this is not provided by Public Health Dorset)
  • providers can click on this link (which will open a Microsoft Word document) to view guidance for running SystmOne searches
  • providers using EMIS are required to download and complete the NHS Health Checks Excel quarterly reporting template 2020-21
  • providers using PharmOutcomes or Outcomes4Health should use the NHS Health Checks templates within these systems as outlined in the service specification

NHS Health Checks training requirements

There is no requirement for providers to attend face to face training to deliver this service.

The information below is a summary of the main training requirements. For more detailed information please see the NHS Health Checks service specification.

  • the provider shall ensure that all practitioners who conduct NHS Health Checks are fully trained to deliver the programme as per the NHS Health Check Competence Framework (March 2015) and NHS Health Check Competence Framework (June 2015). See NHS Health Checks training and development tools website
  • Point of Care Testing machine familiarisation should be provided by the machine manufacturer
  • the provider shall ensure that all practitioners who conduct NHS Health Checks are fully skilled to provide the behaviour change advice and guidance as per NICE guidance PH6, Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Level 1 or PSPH Award level 2 demonstrate this skill requirement

NHS Health Checks frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Are we required to source any new equipment to deliver NHS Health Checks under the new contract or can we continue to use the same equipment for this service as we do currently? 

If you currently hold a contract to deliver NHS Health Checks you should continue to use the same equipment. If this is a new contract (and has not been delivered in the past) it is the responsibility of the provider to source and fund the required equipment.

2. What happens if a provider fails to provide 5 Health Checks within a month? 

This requirement is stipulated in (section 3.2.1. of the NHS Health Checks service specification): “The Provider must be available to deliver a minimum of 5 NHS Health Check appointments per calendar month.” The emphasis for Public Health Dorset as the commissioners is the word “available”. Should the provider seek to only be available for less than five appointments each month, this would not meet the qualifications for participation on the framework. This requirement should enable a high number of available appointments for service users to choose from. For clarity, paragraph 3.2.1 does not put a minimum requirement on any provider for the number of checks delivered. This is because service user choice will determine where the check is completed.

3. Can a GP practice provider carry out an ad hoc opportunistic Health Check on someone who has attended the surgery for something else but has not been sent an invite or letter? 

Yes, this can be done as part of the contract.

4. How do I record a patient on SystmOne who is not registered at our providing location?

This can be registered on SystmOne as a "temporary" or "walk in" patient but must not be recorded "private".  If you want to see a visual representation of how this looks on SystmOne click on the SystmOne screenshot.

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