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We’re looking for views from parents or carers looking after a child under five years old about your experiences of using the health visiting service. What happens in pregnancy and early childhood impacts on physical and emotional health through to adulthood. To support this, we commission the

One of the key aims of Public Health Dorset is to share expertise and experience. So, it was a great honour for us to be invited over the Atlantic to talk to Public Health Ontario’s annual convention about our move from the NHS to local councils. Our


As a morbid treat this Halloween, David Lemon, our senior analyst, has taken the opportunity to examine the main causes of death in Dorset. By...

Sometimes, it’s not someone medically trained who can turn your health around, but someone just like you. Here, our health programme advisor Michelle Smith talks about how community spirit and peer support can change lives. By Michelle Smith Many people in West Howe enjoy a good quality

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