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  With Rio 2016 almost upon us, we want to hear from anyone who was inspired by the last Olympic Games to take up a new activity or make a change. We want to use these stories to inspire others to do the same during Rio 2016.

The British summer is here, with all its unpredictable glory. We’re always on the look out for forecasts of hot weather to bask in, but it also carries a risk to health, particularly for the very young and elderly. In the event of hot weather, here’s some advice

Most people in Dorset drink alcohol within the national guidelines and most people don’t use drugs either, but the risks and consequences to communities are still real. Dr Will Haydock, senior health programme advisor at Public Health Dorset, talks about alcohol and drug use and how agencies across Dorset are


As a morbid treat this Halloween, David Lemon, our senior analyst, has taken the opportunity to examine the main causes of death in Dorset. By...

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