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Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Key documents for service delivery


What training is needed?

There is no requirement for providers to attend face to face training to deliver Emergency Hormornal Contraception (EHC).

The information below is a summary of the main training requirements to deliver this service. For more detailed information please see the EHC service specification.

Initial training

Complete the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) e-learning course and the CPPE  Safeguarding Children and Emergency Contraception or equivalent online assessment (at least every 3 years).

Competency assessment

Complete the CPPE e-learning course and the CPPE Safeguarding Children and Emergency Contraception or equivalent online and any additional local training to address changes to national guidance (opportunities will be advertised on this page). Staff delivering using prescriptions must comply with the appropriate requirements of their regulatory body, for example General Medical Council.Be able to demonstrate competency in line with the NICE Good Practice Guidance: Patient group directions: competency framework for health professionals using patient group directions.

July 2018 EHC pharmacy PGD training resources

How do providers submit claims?

Providers using PharmOutcomes or Outcomes4Health should use the relevant EHC templates within these systems as outlined in the service specification.

EHC training videos

Dr Alison Vaughan presents the key changes to the PGDs from July 2018.

Pharmacists who were unable to attend the face to face training should ensure they view all 3 videos:

Part 1 EHC PGD training
Part 2 EHC PGD training
Part 3 EHC PGD training

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