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Our Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been formalised into one of the first Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in the UK, called Our Dorset. This is a renewed mandate for systemwide co-working.

More than ever, we need better insight into the needs of our population and our workforce:

  • Joint working to ensure we capture system-wide population health and care needs
  • Strategic focus to develop shared-understanding of complex system challenges
  • Needs Assessment to identify and close key knowledge gaps

Therefore, we are pursuing both a top-down exploration of systems insights to build shared understanding about what our health and care challenges look like from different service perspectives and a bottom-up articulation of the stresses our public-facing workforce are dealing with across the system.

Our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is now an ongoing process and all insights will be regularly updated and published through this page. The JSNA mandate is held by the Dorset CCGBCP and Dorset Councils and Health Watch through the Health & Well-being Boards. Public Health Dorset facilitates the JSNA process.


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