Suicide Prevention Training - Public Health Dorset

Suicide Prevention Training

You can increase your awareness of suicide prevention with these free online training courses. Anyone over the age of 16 can complete. 

If you would like to find out about suicide prevention training opportunities or how to deliver this training locally, email us at

Level 1 Suicide Prevention Training

Level 1 Suicide Prevention Training is to raise awareness of suicide literacy, reduce stigma and developing resilience and wellbeing skills.

Level 2 Suicide Prevention Training

If you would like to develop your knowledge further to support individuals who may be having thoughts of suicide, see a list of of further training courses and associated costs.

Level 2 suicide prevention training helps to develop skills and the confidence to have early conversations, listen and signpost effectively.

Level 3 Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide prevention training to develop the skills and confidence to recognise and support those who have thoughts of suicide, linking with community resources.

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