Talking suicide safely toolkit

We all need to talk about suicide safely

This toolkit is for all professionals who report on suicide or promote suicide prevention. It provides guidance and recommended content for talking about suicide in a way that:
  • avoids intrusion and distress for the people affected
  • reduces the risk of vulnerable people imitating a suicide
  • encourages people to seek help

Keep yourself safe

Suicide is a difficult topic for professionals too. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe:
  • always ensure your manager knows you are working on content involving suicide
  • break up the time spent on suicide with other work or take regular breaks
  • talk to someone in your own organisation or at NHS Connections, Samaritans or SHOUT if you feel affected by your work

If you manage someone working on suicide, ensure you check in with them regularly and have a debrief so you can stay informed of their wellbeing.