Stop smoking

At any time up to 70% of people who smoke, want to quit. We know quitting smoking isn't easy and it can take more than one attempt before you finally succeed in quitting for good. Evidence shows the best way of stopping smoking is with a combination of specialist support, medication and/or using vapes.

The information below explains what support you can get in Dorset and how to access it. If this is your first quit attempt, or if you have tried to quit before and want to try again, then you can access these services in a combination that suits you.

When you stop smoking you begin to see improvements to your health almost immediately. 

Get support to quit smoking

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LiveWell Dorset

LiveWell Dorset offer free advice and support to people who want to quit smoking. This can include free nicotine replacement therapy, behavioural support and vape quit kits. When you call LiveWell Dorset, one of their friendly advisors will help.
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Swap 2 Stop

Swap 2 Stop is a new nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging smokers to make the switch from smoking to vaping to improve their health. Swap 2 Stop offers smokers a free vape starter kit to help them quit alongside behaviour support and access to a free app.
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NHS graphic. Text: Quit smoking.

NHS stop-smoking service

The NHS Better Health website offers support on quitting smoking with details of the benefits of quitting. It has information on the ways of quitting, what happens when you quit, quitting tips, vaping, the NHS Quit Smoking app, virtual support and more. 
See the NHS website for more
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Find a local stop smoking service

GP and pharmacies stop smoking services offer support to people who want to quit and will offer face-to-face or virtual consultations during a quit attempt. They will offer advice on quit smoking aids and how to use them, including nicotine replacement therapy and vapes. 
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Vaping resources

Vaping is recognised as one of the most effective ways of giving up smoking.

The evidence is clear that for smokers, switching to a regulated vape is much less harmful to health than continuing to smoke tobacco. Vaping poses a fraction of the risk compared to smoking, but they're not entirely risk-free which is why they're only recommended as a tool to help smokers quit. It is important to remember, if you do not smoke, then you should not vape, and children and young people should never vape.

If you do vape, you should plan to quit that too once you know you won't return to smoking. You can find out how to quit vaping when you're ready on the NHS website.