2,338 people join Dorset’s healthy living challenge.

2,338 people have taken steps to live well through Take Twelve, a campaign from LiveWell Dorset. Provided by Public Health Dorset, LiveWell is a behaviour change service guiding residents to make lifestyle changes that keep them healthier for longer.

LiveWell challenged residents to set a Take Twelve goal. Everyone taking part received advice and support to achieve their goal throughout the twelve-week program.

Lyn Jeffrey from Bournemouth

Lyn from Bournemouth joined Take Twelve after receiving support from LiveWell previously. Take Twelve helped her to face physical and mental health challenges. She said:

“Being part of the Take Twelve community, each on our personal journey has been helpful. I’ve still got heaps of a way to go to my goal weight.

“But there’s been a shift in the past few months through Take Twelve. My work colleagues say I’m smiling more, that I’m perkier and brightener! I feel more alive!”

Jane from Weymouth joined Take Twelve after playing Beat the Street last year. She said:

“Take Twelve has made me think. I’ve made a real conscious effort to get up and complete my 10,000 steps. It’s been the kick start for me to take care of my health.”

Launched in early 2019, the campaign maximised on seasonal inspiration to get healthy, as people set new year’s resolutions. It contributed to a 64% increase in LiveWell client registrations.

Dorset Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Health, Cllr Laura Miller said:

“I’m delighted at how LiveWell is making a difference for adults across Dorset. We’re fortunate to have this in-house service helping residents make healthy lifestyle changes.

“I’d encourage anyone who is thinking of making a change to get in touch with the team at LiveWell.”

Take Twelve led to mass-participation behaviour change by guiding 2,338 people to make a healthy lifestyle change, together.


Notes to editors:

Read Lyn’s, Lisa’s and Jane’s stories in full.

Take Twelve participants were guided on a shared journey to their goal, through weekly emails and discussion in a closed Facebook Group resulting in effective peer to peer inspiration to live well.

During Take Twelve:

  • 135 participants committed to quit smoking
  • 288 participants pledged to drink less alcohol
  • 938 participants sought to get active including 189 people who tried couch to 5k
  • 1,891 participants set weight loss goals

Responses to Take Twelve feedback survey revealed that:

  • 58 per cent were successful at achieving their goal
  • 5 per cent would join Take Twelve again
  • 80 per cent would recommend it to a friend

Participants received home workout videos, tools, advice and were invited to benefit from LiveWell’s coaching support. Those eligible received one-to-one telephone coaching and vouchers to join weight loss groups for three months.

LiveWell Dorset is provided by Public Health Dorset, a partnership of BCP Council and Dorset Council. It supports the wider healthcare system as the public are signposted Dorset’s single point of access service.

Leading Public Health Dorset’s Prevention at Scale programme, LiveWell Dorset uses behaviour change advice and support to ‘nudge’ people to live well. More than 25,000 Dorset residents have benefited from LiveWell’s advice and support to make healthy lifestyle changes

LiveWell supports any adult in Dorset to quit smoking, drink less alcohol, lose weight and become more active. It uses the COM-B framework of behaviour change science that identifies capability, opportunity and motivation barriers to healthy living.

By registering online or calling LiveWell’s Weymouth based contact centre, residents can access free healthy living advice and coaching. Advisors offer lifestyle guidance and support choices. Coaches empower clients to set and achieve lifestyle changes (typically six one-to-one telephone consultations). Advisors and coaches direct clients to a range of opportunities including discounts to local gyms, activities and weight loss group vouchers.

Residents can phone LiveWell on freephone 0800 840 1628 or visit www.livewelldorset.co.uk for more information.


Matt Fisher

LiveWell Dorset Communications & Marketing Manager


07741 078 165

Published on:
19/06/2019, 12:47