An introduction to Dorset's JSNA

Dorset’s JSNA is being used to support Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Health & Wellbeing Boards to identify key issues and develop their Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies in response to these.

Routine data underpins our JSNA as it does in many other Local Authorities. In Dorset our aim though is to go one step further, to better understand local needs through combining ‘stats with stories’.

We have developed insights based methods. One which will primarily support needs assessments (system insights) and another to develop our understanding of strategic issues and what might be done about them (people insights).

This insights work complements the more traditional data driven approach.  In this initial phase we are focusing our insights by co-working with the health and wellbeing workforce. Then we will adapt the approach for engaging with the public and our local communities.

Summary JSNA narratives have been produced for BCP and Dorset Local Authorities and these can be found in the needs assessment and related documents webpage.