“It’s extremely scary how it can affect people so differently”

Georgia is from Blandford, and in January 2021 both of her parents fell ill with COVID-19. This is her story:

“My parents are separated and don’t live locally to each other, but they both managed to contract COVID-19 at the same time. My dad, who is 70, had a slight cough and was out of isolation in no time, but my mum, who is in her 50s, took a turn for the worse.

“Her partner phoned me crying saying she couldn’t breathe, and an ambulance was on the way. She then spent the day in and out of hospital as they couldn’t keep her oxygen levels up. When I had that phone call I stopped working and felt completely useless - I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit, how long was she going to be there for? What happens next? I had to finish work and take the afternoon off to process it, I had no idea what to do.

“My mum text me that night to say she was scared to go to sleep as she was worried that she wouldn’t wake up again. The thoughts that went through my head were nothing I had ever thought of before, and my brother felt exactly the same.

“Thankfully, with the help from her GP and the fantastic NHS she was able to remain at home for the majority of it and is on the way to making what we think will be a full recovery. It wasn’t until my parents fell ill that I really began to think how real this is, how amazing our health services are and what they are firefighting at the minute. It is also extremely scary how it can affect people so differently. 

“I cannot express enough that everyone needs to stay at home, follow the guidance and play their part in this. Although at times it is miserable, I have not seen anyone since Christmas, but I am thankful that my parents were able to overcome it. The quicker we act now the quicker life can return to some kind of normality, which we all long for. It is a hard time for everyone but we are all in the same boat.

“Lastly, please never take anyone for granted as you never know what is to come.”


Have you or your family been affected by COVID-19? Contact us if you'd like to share your story to help people understand the serious consequences the virus can have: PHDComms@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk 

Published on:
03/02/2021, 00:00