Is your home healthy?

Living in a cold home can have a big impact on someone’s health. We know of cases in Dorset where older people are living in one room as it’s the only one they can heat properly. Families are boiling water for washing as they don’t have a working hot water system.

This is where the Healthy Homes Dorset service can help. Public Health Dorset and Dorset County Council have teamed up with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to run the scheme.

So far the team have helped 1167 residents with advice, insulation or heating systems.

If you’re worried about someone’s living conditions and ability to heat their home, or know any vulnerable/older people or families living anywhere in Dorset, Bournemouth or Poole put them in touch with the team at Healthy Homes Dorset.

Anyone can self-refer, there is free advice online or you can call local rate number 0300 003 7023.


Published on:
12/02/2019, 10:07