Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Glossary

System map

There are a few conventions in mapping of systems.

  • arrows show the direction of causality
  • +/- signs on the arrow indicate the direction of movement
  • blue arrow – often blue is used to indicate that both elements move in the same direction; red arrows indicate that the elements move in the opposite directions
  • solid arrows mean the same thing as blue arrows
  • dotted arrows mean the same thing as red arrows

Triangle of need

This tool has been implemented in Tableau in order to:

  • provide a simple standardised view of the magnitude of need in the community
  • it is divided into high, medium and low need groups so that we can all understand the ‘upstream’ prevention opportunities
  • to communicate to colleagues across the system that although we may focus most of our effort on the high need clients, that there are many more people in need now, or sometime in the future. We should not forget this people.

Logic model

Logic models are a type of system map, but are generally more linear. Conventions include:

  • flow left to right
  • inputs – resources needed to generate activity
  • activity – the things we do to deliver outputs/services
  • outputs/services – the things we deliver to make a difference in the lives of people
  • outcomes (short term) – what you expect to happen within a year (rough approximation)
  • outcomes (medium term) – what you expect to happen within 3 years
  • outcomes (long term) – what you expect to happen beyond 3 years