National Child Measurement Programme

The National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a mandatory service which is locally delivered by our commissioned provider of the Public Health Nursing Service, Dorset HealthCare. The NCMP supports the national scheme to tackle childhood obesity under the child excess weight indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework and is part of the government’s approach to tackling child obesity.

Children in Reception (aged 4 to 5) and Year 6 (aged 10 to 11) will have their height and weight measurements taken in school during the school year by a member of the Public Health School Nursing team.  Measurements are not shared with the pupils themselves, other pupils or school staff.

Within six weeks of the measurements being taken, parents of those children that may require further support will be contacted about the results by letter.  This is followed up with a telephone call from a member of the Public Health School Nursing team to offer support to the family to maintain a healthy lifestyle through signposting, advice and talking over family lifestyle choices.

All measurement data for Dorset is uploaded to the national data collection tool where the Government will use anonymised data to inform national and local healthy weight services for children.