Still time to get flu and covid vaccines

Public Health Dorset is working with health colleagues to urge eligible people who haven’t had their COVID-19 or flu vaccines to do so.

Cases of flu and other respiratory viruses remain high in the community. The best way to stay protected from flu and COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.

First, second and booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are still available in Dorset, and some residents are also eligible for a seasonal booster. Information about how to get yours is available by visiting COVID-19 vaccination service (

Lots of residents can get a free flu jab such as people aged over 65, pregnant women, and residents living with long term health conditions.

All primary school children and some secondary school children are eligible for the flu nasal spray vaccination this year, which is usually given at school. Information about school immunisations can be found by visiting:

Parents and carers of children aged 2 and 3 are encouraged to get a free vaccine for their child. This flu vaccine is also a nasal spray with no needles involved.

Most young children will not have encountered flu yet, particularly as it was largely kept at bay by COVID-19 restrictions in the past few years. This means they will not have built up any natural immunity to the virus, so it is particularly important for them to get a flu vaccine this year.

Dorset residents can find out more about who is eligible for the flu vaccine and how to get one by visiting

Cllr Jane Kelly, BCP Council’s Lead Member for Communities said: “Flu is an extremely nasty virus and can lead to hospitalisation. It is much more than just a cold.

“For all those who are eligible, taking up both the COVID-19 booster and the flu jab is the best way to get protected against the most severe respiratory viruses in circulation this winter. Help you and your loved ones stay well.

Cllr Peter Wharf, Dorset Council’s Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health said: “Anybody can catch flu.

“By getting a flu jab and a COVID-19 booster we are protecting our friends, family and work colleagues and keeping communities healthy.

“The process is easy and simple.  Contact your GP or pharmacist to book an appointment for your flu jab, and find out more about how to get your COVID-19 vaccine online.”

Published on:
19/01/2023, 16:08