We want your views about changes to sexual health services

We’re planning to improve sexual health services in Dorset to make them easier to use. And we want to know if you think we’ve got it right.

At the moment, the services available vary depending where in Dorset you live, and you could find that you need more than one appointment, seeing different medical staff, and telling your story more than once.

We want to make this easier so that if you needed to use this service, you would be seeing one person – who could call on more expertise, if needed – in a community setting rather than in a hospital.

Or you may not need to see a person at all with more services available online, including ordering home testing kits.

We want to hear your views about these plans through this short survey.

All responses are anonymous, confidential and will only be used by us to make sure the service is suited to your needs.

You can read more information about our proposals in this brochure.

Published on:
11/12/2015, 13:55