Would you be able to take part in a diary study research project?

We’re working with the University of Salford and digital development company Sigma on a research project about how older people use technology.

We’re looking for people aged over 65 to complete short diary entries about what technology, gadgets, or any type of interface they’ve used or avoided as part of their health goals. These goals can be losing weight, quitting smoking or just maintaining your health generally.

• 4 week study, with just three 10 minute entries a week
• Choose between £75 Amazon, Love2Shop or M&S vouchers as an incentive

The project runs for 4 weeks, with just three 10 minute entries per week. Participants will receive £50 of Amazon/Love2Shop/M&S vouchers for their time initially, and a further £25 of vouchers if they complete the study.

You may not think you apply because you don’t use a computer or phone regularly, but by technology we mean anything and everything from your TV, phone or computer, to any kind of telecare, sensors or devices you have in your home (even smart heating). Basically anything with an interface that lets you control it. We want to know how usable those things are for you, and how they work together for you. Or, how they don’t work for you and how you’d like them to improve.

The data is completely anonymous and we hope to write a white paper about technology use among over 65s as a response to the Government’s Digital By Default strategy, as well as sharing anonymous results with Public Health Dorset in order to improve their services.

For more information please contact Jessie at j.m.blaynee@salford.ac.uk or 01625 410 998.

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Published on:
21/12/2015, 15:33