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Flu vaccines

Having a flu vaccination each year is the best way of protecting yourself, your family and wider comunity against flu. People who are at highest risk are eligible for free vaccines.

These include:

  • people 50 and over (including those who'll be 50 by 31 March 2021)
  • pregnant women
  • children aged 2 and 3
  • pupils in reception class and school years 1 to 7*
  • people with long-term health conditions (including asthma, COPD and cardiovascular issues)
  • front-line health and social care staff
  • people who live with someone who was on the NHS shielded list

Protect yourself and prevent flu spreading. To get your vaccine or find out if you are eligible for a free vaccination, contact your GP, pharmacist, midwife, employer, school immunisation team.

*We have produced a blog about childrens' health when at school which includes information about what is a fever from the vaccine and what is a fever from COVID.

Find out more information about the flu vaccination programme.

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