Locality dashboard

JSNA Locality dashboard

This 2021 update of the localities dashboard gives users flexibility to explore data within and across the 13 Dorset Localities.

The ‘Locality benchmarked to England’ section recreates PHE area profiles giving a high level summary of how the Locality compares with other areas and the England average.

The  interactive ‘Themes’ section allows you to select from indicators across a number of themes (population, starting well, living well, ageing well, healthy place and poor health and causes of death) and to explore a selected Locality (charts highlight variation within the Locality and compare across Localities).

The 2019 Localities dashboard is can be viewed here

For guidance on how to navigate around the dashboard or for information requests relating to localities or community vulnerability please contact the Intelligence Team at intelli@dorsetcc.gov.uk. Our community vulnerability webpage aims to help identify those within the Pan Dorset population most vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 and provide a resouce for local and national tools that are available that can be used to support our communities.

Further information

The information contained in the 2021 Locality dashboard can be found in the following Public Health England dashboards on Fingertips.

Local Health contains information on population and demographics, wider determinants of health and health outcomes at Local Authority, Ward and MSOA.

The Public Health Outcomes Framework contains information on life expectancy, how well we live and has a focus on reducing differences between people and communities from different backgrounds.

2018/19 General Practice Profiles for all GPs in Dorset and BCP .