Bournemouth North locality profile

Bournemouth North comprises a varied population, ranging from areas with a high density of students and young people (for example around Wallisdown and Winton West) to areas with a more settled, older population – a significant proportion of whom live on lower incomes (most particularly, West Howe, Kinson North and Kinson South).

The West Howe area is a focus for major regeneration efforts. The future provision of services to this population is a key consideration, including primary care and community services, and potential for integration with Council services such as social care.  A strategic assessment undertaken in 2013 to support the regeneration work identified three main challenges, including:

·         tackling the low level of qualifications, unemployment, and encouraging healthier lifestyles

·         improving community facilities, community safety and increasing access to local activities

·         improving money management, access to advice and fuel poverty.

Bournemouth North 2020 locality profile

Bournemouth North locality profile

Bournemouth North